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Artist Statement 

For as long as I can remember, I have been a visual art-maker. As a youngster I illustrated my own picture books, molded imaginary characters and accessories out of clay, folded origami cranes, and sculpted terracotta pots and statues. My work was always a physical manifestation of the complex, interior world of my imagination.

As I grew into adolescence and into my social and political consciousness, I began to question the purpose of my art. How could my intimate creative process contribute to material transformation toward justice and equality in the world? I wrestled with this question through college, which brought me to my senior thesis project “Beyond Simple Equations,” a series of paintings that explore racial identity and representation in the U.S., specifically in relationship to the meaning of Blackness (see "Beyond Simple Equations").

As a Black/biracial woman, I have been on a continual journey to make sense of my place within the broad spectrum of humanity. In the context of a racial binary system, how do I make meaning of the social contradiction that is my existence? I have been on an ongoing quest to actively challenge the system of white supremacy that has wreaked havoc on our ability to recognize our interconnectedness and unity as members of a common human family.

Now in my adult life, as I walk a path that is grounded in spiritual as well as political consciousness, I strive to create work that captures the depth of beauty and resilience that is an inherent part of each human soul. I continue to create work that references the ongoing Black struggle for liberation, but choose to paint from an expansive place of possibility.

I am on an ongoing journey to uncover deeper internal and external knowing through my painting practice. 

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