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Collaborative Projects 

Over the last several years, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with other artists, activists, and scholars. These projects have allowed me to bring painting into the concrete realm of community engagement.


The first piece featured below was created to be a book cover for a friend's historical ethnography on the commodification of gold and its relationship to the policies of austerity during the recent economic crisis in Europe. See further explanation and links below. 

The rest of the work is part of a project called "Dearly Beloved: We are our own Record Keepers," a commemoration of Black and Indigenous people murdered through state sanctioned violence. Initiated by two Black mothers and professors, this project involved memorializing 32 individuals through painted portraits and through the construction of a quilt. The portraits were created by local artists in Boston and Providence. I had the honor of coordinating the portrait portion of this project, and below are the three paintings I contributed. The quilt was created by women of color, ages 6 to 70; they connected in the African American tradition of quilting circles and wove together a stunning tapestry, a remembrance that records and honors lives that have been senselessly and unjustly taken. Both the portraits and the quilt were featured in a mass memorial service that took place on October 2, 2015 at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in which students wrote and read eulogies for each of the memorialized individuals. The goal is for other cities to create their own "Dearly Beloved" quilts as a way to both record our own histories and heal from the traumas of living under the white supremacist, colonial systems of the u.s. 

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