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Back after two years!

I'm sad to say that I haven't kept up with documenting my work publicly on this blog for the last two years. However, in the last five weeks I've come back to my studio practice with more commitment and consistency. I have also produced work in the last couple works to share. The finished pieces will be added onto the spirit series, and my current works in progress moving forward will find a home here.

I'm also going to be having a solo show! Yes, finally after 11 years of lying dormant I am bringing my work out into the world. This journey back into embracing my identity as an artist and sharing that identity with my community and the world is scary and exciting. I know it's a necessary part of my spiritual path and important to living the integrated and purposeful life I yearn for.

Below is a documentation of a current work-in-progress, phase one of my creation story. I am putting the contradictions of my existence front and center and inviting others to engage in tensions, overlaps, and juxtapositions that arise from my family of origin. Here we go!

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